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We love our chickens at Nursery! Their names are Ariel, Cindy and Georgina (chosen by the children) and we have been caring for them for three years now.

Each year at least one of the chickens gets "broody" - this means that they want to be a Mummy and start sitting for long periods on the nest. Last year Georgina was their baby chick and she has now grown up - she is the black speckled one - all three of the hens are little Bantams and they are a 'Pekin' breed.

Each day our chickens lay an egg which is half the size of a big hen's egg, but just right for the little fingers of our Nursery children to cuddle as they carefully take the eggs indoors to show everyone.

The eggs are then hard boiled and each child has the opportunity to take one home as a healthy snack. Ariel, Cindy and Georgina love the daily visits from the children who are encouraged to feed, change the water and place straw in the nest as a caring learning experience.

The children know to be kind to our chickens and are encouraged to talk to them. Perhaps the biggest treat though is opening up the nesting box and discovering the tiny eggs - the joy and wonder on the children's faces is priceless!

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