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All children in nursery have free access to both indoor and outdoor learning space and activities. In addition, everyday each child joins a small teaching group to experience a slightly more structured teaching and learning session.

The groups run at the same time at the beginning of the session at 8.30m and 12:30pm and then meet again at the end of the session at 11:00am and 3:00pm..

We have a number of groups, each being differentiated depending on the needs of the children and children may move into different groups, during their time at nursery.    

At South Normanton Nursery School, our Assistant Headteacher, Ruth, is responsible for overseeing the teaching and learning of all the children. She works very closely with all the key staff to ensure that every child's learning need is being met.  

The staff that are responsible for the key groups are the first port of call for parents/carers to discuss the needs of their child. However, Ruth and Stephanie are always available to chat to, or to make an appointment with, to discuss any concerns or issues that you may have. 

The designated key workers for these children work alongside Ruth, to set learning outcomes, monitor attainment and progress and collect and record evidence of learning for the children in their group. Your child's next steps will be shared with you on Tapestry each term which will have been discussed in your parent consultation meeting with Ruth and your child's key worker.

Every term a copy of 'Sharing our Learning' is sent out to parents/carers to display our learning intentions for the term with an understanding that lots of children's interests and 'in the moment' themes will also be followed as needed. 


Click here to read our most recent 'Sharing our learning' document.


Group Names and Key Workers

Group Names  and Key Workers 1 Sam, Jo and Fran
Group Names  and Key Workers 2 Emma and Vanessa
Group Names  and Key Workers 3 Debbie and Debra