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A Visit from the Police and a Special Vehicle in our Nursery Car Park: 06/02/17

The children were very excited today as we had another two special visitors who came into nursery to help us with our learning.


Lucy our local PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) and Dan, a Police Officer with the local police force, came to visit us to tell us a little about the job that they do and how they help to keep us safe.

We looked at their special uniforms. This was how we knew that they worked for the police force. They had a black uniform with something called ‘high vis’ jackets which they wore over the top. These were very brightly coloured with reflective strips. We learned that these high visibility jackets are worn so that the police officers can be seen by people and by cars, even when it is dark. Dan and Lucy also has special hats as part of their uniform, they were hard to protect their heads and made them stand out in a crown of people by making them taller.

We has a big think and talked about some of the things that the police officers do like finding people who are lost, reminding people to do the right thing or helping people to be safe in the community, especially when there are special events like our lantern parade for example. The children remembered that the police can help us in an emergency and also remembered the important number to dial when we need their help…999.

We looked carefully at some of the things that the police officers carried with them to help them with their jobs. They both had radios, a little bit like telephones, which they use to talk to each other if they need help or ‘back up.’ They both had pens and a police note book to write down what they have done during the day and things that then needed to remember. Dan also had a special stick which he said he sometimes uses to break things, for example if someone is stuck in a car. He also showed us his hand cuffs, which Stephanie tried on! Dan said that he has to use these to calm people down if they are not doing the right thing, to keep them and other people safe.

The children had some great ideas and did really good learning about the special and very important job that the police force do in South Normanton and the surrounding area.

Visit such as todays helps our children to begin to understand about our community and the world around them and also helps them to learn about the different ways that people help us to keep safe. It is a really good opportunity to find out what they know and ask questions to learn lots of new information too.

We had a really fantastic time and as a very special treat Dan brought his police car into the nursery car park for us to take a look at. We looked at the bright colours on the car and the bold writing which said POLICE and we also looked at the blue flashing lights on top of the car and listened to the siren which was very, very loud. We put our hands over our ears to protect them as the siren made a big noise in the middle of our nursery car park! Just before Dan and Lucy left, they let some of the children dress up in the ‘high vis’ jackets and hats and sit in the police car to practice being police officers…how exciting!

A great big thank you to Dan and Lucy for taking the time out of their busy day to come and visit us at was a fantastic learning experience for everyone.