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Accidents and Incidents in Nursery

Accidents and Incidents in Nursery


If children have had an accident or incident (e.g. wet clothes) at nursery, the staff will…

  • Deal with the accident/ incident in nursery
  • Write the details of the accident/ incident in the blue accident book or the green incident book
  • Write the child’s name on the board next to the cloakroom to inform parents/ carers either in green or blue.

If the child is going to After School Club, or a message needs to be passed directly to parents, a home/ school liaison slip will be filled in, detailing the accident/ incident and this will be passed to After School Club staff or childminders.

Parents are asked to check the board for their child’s name at the end of their session. The staff member on the door will tell them what happened and ask parents to sign the accident/ incident book as appropriate

NB If children bump their head at nursery, they will also have a ‘Head bump’ letter to take home and a phone call will be made to parents/ carers to inform them of what has happened.

More severe accidents are dealt with according to county policy.