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We are a Makaton Friendly School

We are officially a Makaton Friendly School.


Makaton describes itself as ‘A language program that gives everyone a helping hand to talk’ (

As the ‘Makaton’ states, communication is one of the most important life skills as so many things that we do on a day to day basis involve the need to communication. Both at home and at nursery completing simple tasks such as labelling things, asking for help and making choices, making friends, sharing thoughts and emotions and sorting out our problems all rely in some way on our ability to communicate with each other.

At nursery, for a number of years we have adopted Makaton as part of our everyday practice. The Makaton language programme uses both signs and symbols to help children and adults to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used along with speech. At nursery we recognize that it supports everyone to communicate, not only those who have delayed speech or challenges with communicating. It is also key to supporting all of our children’s communication with adults and each other, regardless of ability, language or individual need. In this way it not only reinforces key language and concepts at every level, but also ensures that every child has a ‘voice,’ a means of communicating their needs, wants, ideas and opinions.

As our South Normanton Nursery School charter states

‘we believe that every child has the right to play, learn and grow in an inspiring, empowering and safe environment, protected from harm and treated fairly.”

Through our aims and values as a nursery which are underpinned by the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, we commit to treat every child equally nurturing them as individuals and meeting their individual needs and supporting them to achieve their full potential. By using Makaton as part of our daily practice, we ensure that every child’s voice in heard and valued, nurturing their independence and self-esteem and supporting them on their path of life-long learning.

Our Makaton Friendly application was accepted in the final term last year and we were pleased when the assessor confirmed our award at the very end of term. Look out for our Makaton Friendly award displayed at nursery. We also look forward in the near future to sharing links to the Makaton website and sharing a new sign with you each week to further develop Makaton learning in our school community.

For now though well done to all of our staff, children and families past and present for your fantastic use of Makaton signs and symbols. This award is another fantastic addition to our outstanding school’s achievements. We have already started on our path to support others in the community to share the importance of Makaton and we regularly sign and use symbols at community events. We have shared our good practice with our International School partners in America and have also embarked on training with other local schools.

At South Normanton Nursery School we’re proud to be Makaton Friendly!

We look forward to supporting our community and our families even more in the future.

To link to the Makaton Website for more information please follow the link below.


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We are so proud ....


We are proud to have achieved the prestigious Silver - Respecting Rights Award from Unicef. 

Everyone at our school is a Rights Respecting superhero!



Click below for more information about what we do to gain the Respecting Rights Schools Award and embedding The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child within our school.





Click here for the full UNCRC

Click here for the summary of the UNCRC


Green Flag


We have been awarded the fantastic Green Flag status for our ECO schools work - a huge thank you to Ruth and Debbie who work tirelessly ensuring that our children have high quality opportunities and experiences that support our children to drive change in our school and gain environmental awareness! 


Click here to go to our Eco-Schools page and find out more about our passion for being eco-friendly!






Sun Safe


We have gained the Nursery Sun Safe Award


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International Schools


We are going to be working towards the International Schools Award under the theme 'identity and belonging'


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