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Baking/ Cooking

Baking/ Cooking


Baking is not only lots of fun but also a fantastic learning experience for children in the early years.

It helps children’s learning and development in all areas of the curriculum

By providing opportunities to:


  • Explore using all their senses especially smell, taste, sight and touch.

  • Develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of pride in their achievements.

  • Ask and answer questions about what they are doing.

  • Follow instructions and discuss and explain what they are doing.

  • Develop fine motor skills through the use of simple tools for stirring, cutting rolling and pressing.

  • Use simple equipment to measure ingredients.

  • Solve problems.

  • Follow simple written or picture recipes.

  • Learn about cause and effect and change of state e.g. liquids turning to solids when they are cooked, or solid turning to liquids when they melt.

  • Work as part of a group, sharing and taking turns.

  • Express their likes and dislikes.

  • Understand the need for cleanliness by washing hands and keeping utensils clean.

  • Learn about safety when using tools and when adult use the oven/ microwave.

  • Learn about different types and groups of food.

  • Develop an understanding of which foods are good for you and why and which foods aren’t good for you and why.

  • Find out about types of food and ways of cooking/ baking in different places in the world.


All children have the opportunity to do a baking/ cooking activity each term and then take home what they have made at the end of the session to eat alone and sometimes share with their family.

We hope that you enjoy tasting your child's baking and cooking sensations!