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Bring your Scooter to Nursery Day. Learning about scooter skills and road safety:08/02/17

We were very excited on Wednesday as all our children took part in our Scoot at Nursery Day.

One of our key focus’s for teaching and learning this term has been Road Safety and to support and reinforce this learning we decided to have a Scoot at Nursery day.

The children were invited to bring their scooters to nursery to use in the nursery garden, to enable us to further their understanding of how to be safe when they are out and about in the community. We took it in turns to get ready, wrapping up warm and putting on safety hats and then used the nursery garden to practice our scooting skills. We practiced stopping and starting and following the arrows in the garden to make sure that we were safe and looking for others, being respectful of their space and scooting at a safe speed. We also talked about being safe outside of nursery by looking and listening carefully and most importantly always staying with their grown ups.


Days like today help our children to get used to changes in routine at nursery, a key part of their personal development and supports them in making links between what we do at nursery and the wider world. It also reinforces the importance of being safe and helps them to take responsibility for theirs and their friends’ safety at an age appropriate level.


Even though it was a chilly day we had a fantastic time and the children were brilliant at sharing the space in the garden and remembering how to be safe…in fact we had so much fun that one of our children said it was “the best day ever!”


For some useful information on Scooter Safety and Road Safety in general take a look at the links below