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Continuing Our Friendships with Our International School in Missouri USA. Update: 02/02/17

Our Continuing International School Links

with Missouri USA

At South Normanton Nursery School, we are continuously striving to ensure that our children receive diverse and multicultural experiences and what a better way than to link with other schools around the world. Last year we made a link with a school in a Missouri, America, in a little town called Eureka near St Louis. The teacher who we are linking with, used to live and teach in South Normanton many years ago.

Under the motto ‘Friends together, learning together, joining together’, we have continues to share our experiences and discuss similarities and differences of children from the USA and South Normanton. Please note any communication that’s take place is covered by all of our procedures and policies, including data protection.

The story so far…

Building on the links that we formed last year we began this academic year by introducing our new children to each other.

We had a big discussion about where Missouri in America was and contextualized the distance from us by thinking about how and how long it would take to get to Missouri from South Normanton…we looked on the map and worked out that it was a very long way and that the best way to get there would be by aeroplane! As this wasn’t possible we did some problem solving and worked out that we could use the internet to safely and easily contact our new friends.

We decided to make PowerPoint and link them with our All About Me topic to tell our friends about how different and special we all are at South Normanton Nursery School. We also made some concertina friend people that we decorated to look like us and some of the children took a trip to the post office with Stephanie and Moira to post them to America…How exciting! You can see some pictures of their trip below.

These experiences reinforce our children’s learning about accepting and valuing each other’s differences and formed an important part of the PSED curriculum which is woven through everything that we do at nursery.

The children loved the trip to the post office and were also very excited to see themselves on the PowerPoint and even more excited to receive a PowerPoint back from our friends in Missouri introducing all of the 18 children in their class at Eureka Preschool!

Click below to see our first PowerPoint to our friends in Missouri. (Different and Special)


As the weather changed through the autumn months we decided to talk to our Missouri friends about the weather and show them how our nursery garden was changing and what we had been doing to find out about the seasonal changes in England. We took pictures of the leaves changing colour and of how we were collecting rain and using it for our learning in the nursery garden during all the wet weather.

Click below to see our Autumn weather report PowerPoint to our friends in Missouri. (Autumn Weather Report)


Now that we are in a brand new year we are very excited to keep up our correspondence with Eurika Preschool. We received a very exciting email from them last week to say that our International Schools relationship had been shared on their district School website to highlight the importance on international links for young children’s learning

Click below to link to their district schools website and read the article


We are now preparing our next PowerPoint to tell them about what we have been doing this term. Look out for our next blog to keep informed about the latest developments with our International Schools link… As a result of this collaboration, we will be aiming to achieve an International Schools Award from the British Council

Friends together, learning together, joining together’,