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Every Child a Mover (ECAM)

Every Child a Mover (ECAM)


Every Child a Mover

Every Child a Mover (ECaM) is physical development programme that supports children with their movement and gross motor skills, fine motor skills and health and self care.


Our EcaM Group

Our ECaM group encourages the development of childrens skills through fun and interesting activities. ECaM activities are used to build on children’s existing physical skills and explore movement to help to improve them, enabling them to become more able and confident in their movements.

These activities are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and support children by:

  • Developing the way that they move on a large scale (gross motor movements)

  • Developing their dexterity and movements on a small scale (fine motor skills)

  • Supporting them to move in a variety of different ways

  • Encouraging and supporting them to move with more confidence.

  • Reinforcing self care techniques and supporting children to help themselves and take care of their own needs. 

Staff and encourage them to move confidently and in a variety of different ways by  modelling good movement with children. They also use a range of practical activities to develop these skills so that children are using movement skills to the best of their ability.


Some of the fun things that we do

  • Moving and grooving
  • Climbing
  • Balancing
  • Ball skills
  • Disco dough
  • Sticky Kids
  • Scissor skills
  • Threading
  • Drawing
  • Snack time