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Every Child a Talker (ECAT)

Every Child a Talker (ECAT)


What is ECaT

Every Child a Talker (ECaT) was a national project to develop the language and interaction, attention, listening and social communition of children from birth to five years of age. ECAT strategies and resources are used to help to create a supportive and stimulating environment within nursery in which children can enjoy experimenting with and learning language.


Our ECaT Group

Our ECAT group encourages the development of early language, social skills, understanding and listening and attention  through fun and interesting activities which reflect children’s interests and enable them to become confident and skilled communicators.

These activities are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and support children by:

  • Developing their understanding of language

  • Supporting their pronunciation of sounds and words

  • Encouraging and supporting them to be able to communicate their ideas and interact socially.

  • Developing their attention and listening skills.

Staff model good talking and listening with children, and encourage to talk with each other. They also use a range of practical activities to develop listening, talking and understanding.


Some of the Fun Things That We Do

  • Listening lotto
  • Kims games
  • Who, where, what and why games
  • Copy the beat
  • Listening to and finding different sounds
  • Preposition games (in, under, on, next to )
  • Matching games
  • Fishing for picture for them to describe and talk about
  • Chatter boxes