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Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design


This learning develops children’s creativity by encouraging them to explore, use their imagination and express themselves freely, They are encouraged to respond in their own individual ways to lots of stimulating and diverse experiences through messy play, music, free play, construction, drama, dance imaginative and role play and art. 


Why is it Important.

Creativity is a key to successful learning throughout life. The ability to be creative helps children express themselves freely and enables them to explore processes, media and materials to make new things.  It brings out new and exciting ideas and activities that are entirely unique and promotes the ability to adapt and be flexible in other situations.


What it Means for the Children...

  • Exploring colour, shape, space and texture in both 2D and 3D

  • Using their imagination to express themselves, communicating and developing their ideas and making choices about how to do this.

  • Learning and singing familiar songs and making up songs of their own from both British roots and from around the world.

  • Taking on the role of a character e.g Goldilocks/ Mummy/ a nurse and acting out scenarios or stories in a role play situation.

  • Experimenting with different ways of creating music, using their bodies and musical instruments and moving in response to music


What We Do...

  • Encourage to be adventurous and ‘have a go’ at new things

  • Value children’s own ideas and respond positively to their individual creations

  • Provide a stimulating environment which gives opportunities for children to express themselves by creating art, music, dance and drama/ role play.

  • Give children sufficient time to explore and develop their ideas.

  • Provide opportunities for children to explore and be creative using experiences and resources linked to Britain and around the world.