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Forest Schools

Forest Schools at South Normanton Nursery School



Working together we learn to live


Your child will journey into the forest, guided by Forest Faith the forest fairy. They will have a fantastic time over the course of the term learning about looking after the forest and each other... would you like to come and join them.


What is Forest Schools?

Forest Schools is an educational approach to outdoor learning and play which encourages and inspires children.

The forest based activities are interesting, achievable and lots of fun. They motivate children and help them to develop new skills which can be transferred into their everyday lives.


What we are learning?

The aims of the sessions are to raise the children’s awareness of the environment and how to care for it. In addition activities encourage their language skills, collaborative play and problem solving in a small group situation, whilst having lots of fun and learning new things about the forest.


Who is involved?

A maximum of 8 children access each session with 2 members of staff, Debbie and one other.

Where does Forest Schools take place?

Forest Schools takes place in the ’forest’ at the top of the field next to the nursery garden. We walk across the field and have a special entrance to get into the forest. We sing a rhyme and walk around the edge of the ‘forest’ to remind the children not to go out of the forest.


Forest Faith the forest fairy

Whilst in the forest the children meet Forest Faith, the forest fairy who guides the children through their time at Forest Schools


When do sessions take place and how long do the last?

Sessions take place within the normal nursery session. They last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours depending on weather conditions with time allowed at the beginning and end of sessions for going to the toilet and changing into appropriate clothing.


Weather conditions

Forest Schools can take place in most weather conditions provided children are dressed appropriately. The forest is very sheltered and a tarpaulin can be put up if it gets very wet. In severe weather conditions the session may be postponed.


Clothing requirements

All children are provided with Wellington boots and a waterproof jacket, over trousers and protective gloves where necessary. However, when the weather is cold it is very important that your child has trousers, a warm jumper, warm socks, a coat, hat, scarf and gloves.


Snack and hygiene

We have a healthy snack in the forest which we take up prior to the session. We use wipes and anti –bacterial hand spray to clean the children’s hands before they eat


Health and Safety

All activities are very safe, however children are encouraged to move a little out of their comfort zone and learn how to play safely within a different environment. Children are provided with gloves where necessary and hands re washed on returning to nursery.



Children are encouraged to use the toilet before going to the forest but children can return to nursery if necessary.


Parental/ carer involvement

We would love you to come and join us for one of our Forest Schools sessions. We’d like to invite 2 parents/ carers per session to come to each of the middle 4 sessions. Please feel free to sign up in the Forest Schools meeting or speak to Debbie.


We hope you and your child enjoy being a part of Forest Schools.


Forest Schools…

Working together we learn to live.


What the children say about Forest Schools:


Our friend Forest Faith lives in the forest”  ~ Kelsey


“The forest is magic, we sprinkle fairy dust to make us safe”  ~ Leon


“ there are lots of animals and birds in the forest and we look after them” ~ Reece


“We look after our friends and look after the forest” ~  Grace