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Healthy School, Healthy Children!

Healthy Schools


Being healthy, safe, cared for, having a voice and influence are fundamental prerequisites to being 'ready to learn' and achieving true potential -  at any stage in our lives. Our aim at South Normanton Nursery School is to help our children to grow healthily, safely and responsibly and to become active citizens who do their bit for society and for the environment. As a result of our work we were awarded the Healthy Schools Award.

We continue to ensure that 'being healthy' is something that is embedded in our curriculum and the provision of phsycial development opportunities is continuous on a daily basis. 


Snack time at South Normanton Nursery School

At South Normanton Nursery School we have healthy living coordinators. They are responsible for developing the children’s awareness of healthy eating, exercise, hygiene and well being.

The children are involved in food preparation, baking, growing activities and simple hygiene routines. Each day the children have a healthy snack including a choice of fruit and a range of healthy foods. We encourage children to sample a range of foods including different foods from around the world.

We ask for £1.00 a week contribution towards snack from each child.


Children are also encouraged to learn about where food comes from and are involved in gardening, growing and looking after the chickens and egg collection.



Please inform Nursery if your child is away from nursery through illness so that absences can be recorded properly.



As a general principle we do not administer medication at nursery. However if medication is required e.g. Epi pens or inhalers appropriate forms must be completed.


Sickness/ Diarrhoea

Please note that your child must not return to nursery until 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.


Staying Sun Safe

During the summer months as the weather gets warmer, we ensure that the children learn all about staying Sun Safe. 

We have worked towards gaining the Sun Safe Nursery Status and Award by adopting a Sun Safe policy which links in with our previous guidance and supporting families with staying safe in the sun by providing them with information and support. 



We also work with the children on recognising how we need to stay safe, learning sun safe songs and displaying our learning for everyone to see! 


Click here to see the wonderful work that has taken place this year around Sun Safe.


Further Concerns                                                                                                      

If you require advice about your child’s illness and whether it is appropriate to be at nursery, please contact your GP.

You can also contact NHS Direct on   111 

or access the NHS Choices Website by following the link below


Here are some links to help you and your family stay healthy: