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Indoor Learning

Indoor Learning

Our newly extended indoor nursery space provides the ideal environment for our children to explore and experiment. The wide variety of areas allows them to make choices about how they play and learn and many  varied activities allow them to easily access all the six areas of the early years curriculum.

Our indoor  area gives daily access to sand play, water play and malleable activities such as dough and cornflour.

In addition we have a  problem solving reasoning and numeracy area where children can select number, shape and other maths activities, a mark making table for drawing and writing and a reading corner where  children have constant access to a range of books.

In the creative area, children can access activities such as painting and collage and they can practice their pretend play in the role play area which is set up to represent different real life situations depending on our topic. Our music area is always available for children to listen to music, sing and play instruments and learn about sound and rhythm.  Children also have access to our nursery computers and whiteboards which enables them to practice their skills in information and communication technology.

There is a construction area for designing and making models, an area for small world play and knowledge and understanding of the world where children can investigate science type activities. Our snack table is available throughout each session and this completes our varied indoor environment.

Children have a large space to play indoors and in addition we also have our jungle room and elephant and parrot rooms which we use for our group times and special events such as activity days and visitors.