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Learning at lunchtime

Learning at lunchtime


At South Normanton Nursery School, the provision of the universal, additional or extended entitlement of early education looks different for each child. Some children do mornings or afternoons only or some do longer days. Some of these hours are across the lunchtime and we are very keen to emphasise that this continues to be a 'learning' time the same as the rest of the hours in Nursery. 


This information page reflects the play and learning that happens at lunchtime to reassure parents that the highest standards still exist as they are throughout the rest of the nursery sessions. 


We know that a child builds, develops and maintains healthy brains when connecting with people - through communicaton, sharing experiences and opportunities together and through careful scaffolding of activities that allows self-regulation to be promoted. 


At lunchtime at South Normanton Nursery School, our learning is led by early educators who have a role as key workers within the Nursery day also. Lunch is served by a Derbyshire County Council catering member of staff and is served in a way that mirrors family dining. 

This means that children eat with 'real' cutlery, off a plate and dessert if separate to their main meal. Health and hygiene routines are followed that are mirrored at snack time in Nursery and children can have responsibility for setting the tables for their friends and ensuring we have everything we need.