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Learning Bags and Library Books

Learning Bags


We are providing learning bags to support your child with their Nursery learning at home. This service will be available on a Thursday at drop off time outside of the Nursery. You keep the bag for a week and bring them back to Nursery on the following Wednesday. This is very important as the amount of bags we have is limited and we need to ensure that the content of the bags are checked and repacked ready for the next person. A lot of time and organisation has gone into providing these bags so we ask that you and your child are respectful, looking after the resources and activities and ensuring that everything comes back as you received it. The playdough in the bags is replaced every week so feel free to keep the dough at home or dispose of it. Examples of the content and focus of the bags are as follows however more bags will be added over the year. Do not feel that you have to have a bag EVERY week and if we feel there is a focus that your child particularly needs, we will be signposting you to those specific bags.


Chatter boxes

to enhance

communication and language


Speech and language

specific bags


Phonics bags

specific sound



Playdough bags

linked to fine

motor skills, creative and

communication and language

Jigsaws and games

with a

maths focus – shape and space

Challenge bags

for further

extension of thinking skills


Library Books


Every Tuesday, library books will be available in each group for the children to borrow. Please bring your child’s named book bag to keep the books clean and dry.  To borrow a book,  find your child’s library record and complete the date the book has been borrowed and the title of the book, the books should be returned the following Tuesday, when we will ask you to sign to say the book has been returned.


We are aware that mishaps may and do happen, if something happens to any of our resources that would need fixing, just come and tell us as soon as possible so that we can fix/replace it.


Most importantly, have fun enjoying these resources with your child!