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Freedom Community Project is a Christian charity that was set up in 2008 to support people who are struggling with poverty in Bolsover. Since then the project has grown to cover the North East Midlands and Yorkshire with 8 support centres. The organisation has a small staff team who enable our large team of volunteers to deliver support across the area.

Their Mission

Their Mission is to provide activities that are low cost or free at point of use. To support people who live in deprived areas within the United Kingdom. To care for all people no matter of background, race, religion or sexual preference. To show the love of Jesus in action, listening, supporting and helping people in local communities. To work with people in order that they might make a change in their lives, helping themselves out of the situation they are in and moving into a better future for them and their family.



They seek to achieve this by providing support in a number of areas such as job search advice, skills training, food banks, clothing, household provision, activities to build self-esteem, financial support and money management and counseling. They always seek to work in partnership with other groups and agencies in order to give the best support to each community.


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South Normanton Methodist Church, 119 Market Street, South Normanton, DE55 2AA


Centre Open:
Wednesday: 9 am – 1 pm


Free Cafe
Listening ear
Benefit support
Debts Support
Housing support
Credit Union
Homelessness Project
Mental Health Support
General Advice
Food Bank
Free Internet
Family Activities
Grow your own project
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