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The learning in this area will help children will develop mathematical ideas and concepts by counting and becoming familiar with numbers, exploring shape, size and measurement through a range of activities and using language to compare these and also by learning practical ways to solve simple problems. They will  be encouraged to enjoy maths, explore ideas, learn and practice new skills and talk about their developing understanding.


Why it’s important.

Having good mathematical knowledge and skills enables children to solve problems, generate questions and make connections across other areas of learning and development.


What it means for the children…

  • Learning to use the names of numbers and other mathematical language during their play 

  • Talking about numbers and recognising them in the  environment.

  • Comparing different objects, matching them with one another and sorting them into groups.

  • Exploring and experimenting with size, weight, length and capacity and learning special words to talk about this.

  • Using their fingers, objects or marks on paper to represent numbers.


What we do…

  • Give children lots of opportunities to count in different contexts, using games, their fingers and objects and sing a variety of number and counting songs.

  • Talk about numbers, shapes and measuring in the environment

  • Use maths language and ask lots of different questions during the children’s play and daily routines.

  • Encourage children to explore real life problems, talk about what they’re doing and begin to solve them.

  • Point out and encourage children to explore shapes, size, and patterns and talk about things that are the same and those that are different.