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Supporting local charity fundraisers - Gears of Goodwill


South Normanton Nursery School will be supporting local charity fundraisers this year.


To enhance our work on promoting the fundamental of British Values and community cohesion, we are supporting a local charity fundraising group linked to one of our parents in school.


Gears of Goodwill

Gears of Goodwill (GOG) are a group of bikers whose aim is to carry out charity work and help those in need. As part of working with local homeless people, they are collecting donations as listed below.


We are putting a charity bin in the main entrance of the Nursery for donations opening on the 6th of May and we hope that you will support this fundraising group by being an excellent role model for your child to become a great citizen of the future. If you would like to know more about ‘Gears of Goodwill’ please visit their Facebook page or email if you think you can help.


Items needed to put in the donation bin:


Tea, coffee, sugar, long life milk

Tinned meals, soup, ravioli, beans, curry, hot dogs, rice pudding

Pot noodles, pot oats, individual cereal boxes

Pans, mugs, bowls, spoons, forks, tin openers, baking trays

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, razors, sanitary items

Baby wipes, hairbrushes, Shampoo, towels, wash powder

Torches, batteries

Warm clothing, socks, pants, knickers, gloves (ladies smaller sizes please, mens medium/large)

Sleeping bags and blankets (always needed desperately)


Thank you for reading and taking interest, please follow this newsletter up with a root around your own home, spread the word among friends and family, share their page on Facebook and remember them when doing your weekly shop.


Let’s support those less fortunate than ourselves.