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Time to Talk Day 2017

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Time to talk day 2017


One of our school improvement priorities this year is linked to promoting mental health and emotional well being. This is not just specifically focused on our children but on our staff and parents too, the whole school community. 

We are teaming up with 'Mind' and 'Rethink Mental Illness' to be a part of a campaign to encourage everyone to open up to mental health. 
Often the attitudes of others stop people with mental health problems getting the help and support they need. Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless.

Come and see us on Thursday 2nd Feb for 'Time to talk day 2017' at 9ish and 1ish for a cuppa and chat - what can we do? what would help in the community? what works well? and anything else you would like to talk about!!! 

Who will be brave and join us?


Find out more about what we hope to achieve and the message behind this event 

by checking out our awards page.