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Our First FOOD DROP FRIDAY. Supporting the homeless people of Derby in collaboration with Gears of Goodwill: 22/09/17

We had some special visitors into nursery on Friday. Emma and Mick from Gears of Goodwill came into nursery for out very first Food Drop Friday as we are collaborating with them to help the homeless people of Derby.

Over the last few days we have asked our children, parents and carers to donate food, toiletry items and clothes to help people in Derby city are homeless and on Friday Emma and Mick were shocked by the fantastic generosity of out families.


When they arrived we introduced Mick and Emma who then talked with the children about and their charity Gears of Goodwill. The charity takes donated items every Friday evening to help people less fortunate than us. They explained how these people have no homes and are often very hungry and thirsty. Our children said that they had all felt hungry or thirsty before and understood what it was like. They said that the people who Emma and Mick help must feel sad.


We talked about how lucky we are to have the things that we need to keep us safe and well. We looked at all the items in the big collection tub that had been at the front of nursery and the children were very excited and happy to think that their donations were going to help the people who we had talked about. Emma and Mick said they they would talk to the homeless people about the children and families at South Normanton Nursery School and the children said that they would talk to their grown ups at home about how the donations were going to be a really big help.


Many thanks to all our families for supporting our very first Food Drop Friday we look forward to continuing to work together with Gears of Goodwill to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


Our visitors and discussions on Friday, as well as being an important link with our local community, provide very important learning experiences for our children. It teaches them about different ways to help other people, that we’re all equal in the world and have a right to the things that we need to keep us safe and well and that it's ok to need help. All of these concepts are important aspects of our PSED and British Values curriculum and link to our Rights Respecting School agenda also.