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Rights Respecting Schools

Respecting 'rights' at South Normanton Nursery School


At South Normanton Nursery School, we are committed to helping our children become rights-respecting global citizens through the creation and adoption of our Charter.



As a school community we are fully committed to adhering to the United Nations Convention of Rights of a Child. 


Click here to see the Convention in child friendly language



We are applying to gain the Rights Respecting Schools award from Unicef and have completed an audit relating to our starting position which will help us to gain the 'recognition of commitment'. We have drawn up and are following an action plan that is shaping the way for us to embed the ethos of the Convention within our setting in everything that we say and do. Following an assessment visit from Unicef Uk, we hope to be awarded Level 1 which will be vaild for three years, after which we can work towards achieving Level 2. 


Two of the most important principles as we become Rights Respecting are:


The Right to Education

Education is a key social and cultural right, and plays an important role in reducing poverty and child labour as well promoting democracy, peace, tolerance, development and economic growth. There are number of articles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that focus on a child’s right to education and the Committee on the Rights of the Child has also expanded on the aims of education in their first General Comment.




The Right to Participation

Participation of children and young people is one of the General Principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child as it plays a fundamental role in realising all the rights in the Convention for all children.


Even though our children are only very young, the award emphasises:


There is no minimum age at which children can participate and younger children should be offered appropriate support, in line with their evolving capacities, to play an increasingly informed and active role in the school’s life.


Throughout all the work that we do and will commit to doing we aim to ensure that children understand that their rights are universal. They are not a reward for a 'responsibility' being met, they do not have conditions attached to them. 

It is very important that we talk about 'rights and respect' as opposed to 'rights and responsibilities'


We also need to understand that this work does not take the place of our behaviour policy, it is work that is embedded in everything that we do as a whole school. It is not about how children behave with other children, it is about the relationship between adults and children.


We work towards the following standards:


Standard A Rights­-respecting values underpin leadership and management Leaders are committed to placing the values and principles of the Convention at the heart of all policies and practice
Standard B

The whole school community learns about the Convention

The Convention is made known to children and adults, who use this shared understanding to work for global justice and sustainable living.

Standard C The school has a rights­-respecting ethos

Young people and adults collaborate to develop and maintain a rights­-respecting school community in all areas and in all aspects of life based on the Convention.

Standard  D   Children are empowered to become active citizens and learners

Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them and to have their views taken seriously. Young people develop their confidence through their experience of an inclusive rights-respecting school community, play an active role in their own learning and speak and act for the rights of all to be respected locally and globally.


We hope to create a culture within our school where the Convention becomes embedded in our way of teaching, playing and learning. We do not forsee this as a 'bolt on' to our outstanding provision and look to engaging the local community to the best of our ability to come with us on this journey of supporting all young people to become rights-respecting global citizens.


Our steering group is made up of our Senior Leadership Team:


Stephanie - Headteacher

Ruth - Assistant Headteacher

Debbie - Early Years Educator, HLTA 

Moira - School Business Manager


They meet regularly to discuss progress towards the award and disseminate, implement, evaluate and analyse the actions from the action plan. 


Alongside our steering group which is made up of our Senior Leadership Team, our 'Big Thinkers' group will play a big part in our Rights Respecting Schools work. The group is led by our assistant headteacher Ruth, and is made up of some children who are able to take part in extended thinking and speaking beyond the discussions and exploring that all children take part in through activities such as Eco work, forest schools, Philosophy for Children, circle time and other group work.


To follow the work of our 'Big Thinkers', check out our Blogs page on our website by clicking below. 



Our 'Big Thinkers' helped to gather together all our ideas that we collected from all the children  about how to make our 'five finger rules' even more clear and more specific to inside playing and learning and outside playing and learning. In the documents area below, you will see our finished 'new and updated' rules, we are very proud of them, especially as they help to keep us 'safe and happy' in a respectful way.


When Stephanie did an introduction assembly about our Rights Respecting work, the 'Big Thinker' group stood in front of their friends and talked about why they had chosen each rule and how we could follow them respectfully.


Our 'Big Thinkers' group thought carefully about whereabouts in Nursery we should display our new rules so that our whole school community can see them. The children put postit notes in lots of places to show their ideas and that Ruth could print just enough out to save wasting paper!


Look at our fab photos of our school community 'signing' our charter ready for our display on Activity Day 22.03.17

We all try hard to use rights respecting language in our everyday lives at South Normanton Nursery School but a day like 'World Children's Day' is a great day to practise them.


Can you remember the signs for 'right', 'idea', 'listen', 'safe', 'voice' and 'responsibility'?


November the 20th is the day in 1959 when the United Nation's general assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and in 1989 when the adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Universal Children's Day offers each of us an inspirational entry-point to advocate, promote and celebrate children's rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build a better world for Children.


We encourage our children, staff and whole school community to think about how they can be a part of building a better world for children. In school, we especially think about using our voices and how other people around the world use their voice to build a better world for children. 


Read our blog on our clever thinking when celebrating 'World Children's Day 2017'.


Click here to find out more about World Children's Day.