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ROAD SAFETY. A visit from Eileen, our Local Crossing Patrol Person: 02/02/17

All this term we have been learning about the different people who help us and this week our focus has been the people who help us to keep safe and especially ROAD SAFETY.

Yesterday to help us with our learning we had a visit from Eileen who is our local crossing patrol person.

The children were very excited to meet Eileen who came to nursery dressed in her special uniform. She wore a long yellow, white and sliver coat, yellow gloves and a yellow hat and with her she carried a big round sign on a stick. We talked about why the uniform is so brightly coloured and reflective and Eileen told us that it is so the vehicles and the people crossing the road can see her clearly…even when its cloudy or dark weather.

Eileen brought her ‘lolliop’ with her which is actually called a sign and we read the word 'STOP on it. The children knew that the sign was to tell the traffic on the road to slow down and then stop so that children could cross the busy road to get to school or nursery.

Eileen talked about how important it is to WALK, not run across the road and that our little children should also be holding hands with their grown ups to keep them extra safe.

Before Eileen had to leave she was kind enough to let us try on her special uniform so that the children could pretend to be crossing patrol people too. They looked fantastic and even remembered the special hand signals that she had shown us. She uses these to remind the traffic to stop and tell the children that it’s safe to walk across.

The following day at nursery we made some ‘stop’ signs of our own to help to remind us of our learning about road safety.

Lots of our children walk to nursery every day and see Eileen helping them to cross the main road. Now they will be able to wave and say hello and I’m sure they will all remember to say thank you to Eileen for helping them to cross the road and keeping them safe on the way to nursery.


For more information about Road Safety and  keeping your child safe when you're out and about please follow the link below.