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School Information

What do you need to know about our school?


Our school information booklet provides you with information regarding the following specifically and is updated regularly throughout the year:


Absence from nursery                                                Nursery website

Admissions                                                                 Ofsted – February 2013

Assessment, tracking  and observations                    Our environment

Clothing                                                                      Parent partnership

Community links                                                         Positive behaviour

Complaints procedure                                                Staffing

Healthy living                                                              Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Illness                                                                         Wrap around sessions

Learning and development



At South Normanton Nursery School, we aim to ensure that all information is up to date and relevant. In order to do this, we feel that having similar information in lots of places can sometimes mean that messages can be mixed and information blurred. So therefore this is a page you will be directed to from other pages within our website.