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Special Learning

What is Special Learning?

We want to provide the very best we can for our children at nursery. To enable us to do this, we provide a number of additional activities to support the Early Years Foundation Stage. These activities enrich our children’s experiences develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes even further and help them to think and learn in different ways.


We also ensure that throughout all our learning, we explore choices, right and wrong, differences and our rights. We use a variety of resources to carry out this higher level learning and ensure that these are regularly available to our children in the form of images, books, games, resources and toys. Look around our Nursery to see if you can spot these things that are providing experiences for your child to enhance their awareness and understanding of their identity and the identities of other children in our school, community and the world. 


Look out for our special symbol that looks like this:


This is a symbol that tell visitors, parents and governors to STOP and look. Wherever you see this sign there is a notice that is of importance to you. We try to ensure that displays are purposeful and of significance to the children, a space to show off their work, confirm their identities or access tools for learning and so this sign is the explanation behind the work/notice/display.