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South Normanton Nursery School -   

alliance members and strategic board partners in Alfreton Nursery School Teaching Schools Alliance



At South Normanton Nursery School, we are alliance members and on the board of strategic partners of the Alfreton Nursery School Teaching School Alliance. 


Like our school, Alfreton Nursery School is an outstanding Derbyshire County Council School based in Alfreton, Derbyshire.  The school has been consistently outstanding for the past 20 years and was accredited as a National Teaching School in September 2015 in recognition of its hard work and collective drive to constantly raise standards in school.  The numbers of Derbyshire schools in their alliance are increasing and the list can be found here. 


As a teaching schools alliance, we regularly meet with East Midlands Teaching School Alliance (EMTSA) and the Derbyshire Education Improvement Partnership Board (DEIPB) 


The designated teaching schools in the East Midlands are working together to build a network of alliances (clusters) of schools and academies across all phases and specialisms to help to deliver the vision of the self improving school system.


We are very excited about our work with the ANSTSA and are very proud of our position within the teaching schools system aiming for better education for all children across the country.


'In a self improving school system, more control and responsibility passes to the local level in a spirit of mutual aid between school leaders and their colleagues, who are morally committed to imaginative and sustainable ways of achieving more ambitious and better outcomes.'David Hargreaves - Creating a Self Improving School System - 2010 (EMTSA)


School to school support


In December 2017, we were very proud to share the news that one of our members of staff was successful in their SLE (Specialist Leaders of Education) application. This means that they can offer school to school support in their area of expertise.


Moira Houston School Business Management



Click here for more details on how you can receive support from our SLEs and also what other school to school support is offered by ANTSA.


More information 


Information on Schools Direct, training courses, research, leadership, news and events and more can be found on the Teaching Schools website below:






You can also find more information on the work of teaching schools across the East Midlands below



Teaching Schools and Alliances - what are they all about? 


Teaching schools are strong schools led by strong leaders that work with others to provide high-quality training, development and support to new and experienced school staff.


Teaching school alliances are led by a teaching school and include schools that are benefiting from support, as well as strategic partners who lead some aspects of training and development. Strategic partners may include:


  • other schools from any phase or sector
  • universities
  • academy chains
  • local authorities
  • dioceses
  • private sector organisations

A teaching school alliance may decide to work with other alliances to share knowledge and resources as a teaching school network.


Teaching schools are part of the government’s drive to give schools more freedom and to enable schools to take increasing responsibility for managing the education system. The vision for teaching schools is to have established a network of  outstanding teaching school alliances that will drive significant improvement in the quality of professional practice, improving the attainment of every child.


Teaching schools will play a fundamental role in developing a self-sustaining system where:


  • trainee teachers learn from the best teachers, supported by a culture of coaching and mentoring
  • professional development is school-based and classroom focused – teachers, support staff and leaders improve through exposure to excellent practice within and beyond their immediate school, through observation, mentoring, coaching, practice, reflection and sharing with peers
  • talent development and distributed leadership are the norm – staff demonstrating potential are encouraged to lead and are  given structured and stretching opportunities to grow and develop
  • leaders have local knowledge and can identify where key resources and expertise lie


As well as offering training and support, teaching schools will identify and co-ordinate expertise in partner schools, using the best leaders and teachers to:


  • play a greater role in recruiting and training new entrants to the profession (initial teacher training)
  • lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development (continuing professional development)
  • identify and develop leadership potential (succession planning and talent management)
  • provide support for other schools
  • designate and broker specialist leaders of education (SLEs)
  • engage in research and development activity


Who can apply?

The designation of teaching school is open to all schools in England, regardless of type or phase. Schools and academies applying to become teaching schools will need to give evidence of successful partnerships as well as excellent leadership with a proven track record of school improvement. Both the headteacher and the school will need to meet stringent criteria.


What’s involved?

Schools will work together within a teaching school alliance – a group of schools and other partners that is supported by the leadership of a teaching school. This will include all those schools that benefit by receiving support, as well as strategic partners that will lead on certain aspects of delivery. Alliances may be cross phase and cross sector, work across local authorities and may include different types of organisations.




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