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Ten Town

Ten Town


As part of our mathematical learning in nursery, we have been visiting ‘Ten Town’ and all it’s number characters.

It takes children on an exciting journey to an imaginary place called Ten Town Island where they get to meet the number characters from 0 to 10.

Ten Town is an educational mathematical program, especially designed for children in the early years ie Nursery and Reception.

The program aims to help children to recognise numbers, understand number quantity and to support them with correct number formation ie writing their numbers properly.

For each number character there is a story, a song, a number writing activity and a rhyme as well as games to reinforce counting.

The children have been really inspired by their visits to ‘Ten Town’ in group time and have continued their learning within the nursery. Meeting King One, Fiona Five, Sir Seven and all their Ten Town friends as they bring numbers alive in exciting animations, games and activities. They even have their own online TV channel - Ten Town TV!

A number of parents/ carers expressed an in interest in accessing the Ten Town program to continue this vital learning at home and we are looking into the possibility of parents buying a yearly log. We will let you know if and when this is available.

If you would like to have a quick look at Ten Town then follow the link below