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Together Time @ Zion

Together Time @ Zion

Stay and Play


South Normanton Nursery School are so very excited about working in collaboration with Zion Methodist Church and Derbyshire Toy Libraries. 


This collaboration came about because it was apparent that there was a need for support for families in our community. We have so much to offer between us, that it seemed silly not working together ....... and so 'Together Time @ Zion' was born. Samantha has worked hard with Derbyshire Toy Library service to gather resources along with some fantastic donations from families at our school and with the wonderful Vanessa, we have planned some exciting and inspiring opportunities for this playgroup. 


Come and see us, tell us what you think, ask us how we can help, shout out some suggestions ...... remember .......


"It takes a village to raise a child" African Proverb


Together we are stronger


We have come up with a code of conduct for visitors to our group to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable. This can be found in the document links below. 




We will be having lots of guest visitors to come and play with us throughout the year ..... health visitors, local play group leaders to name a few!

If you think you have something to offer, or know of someone who can help, let us know!


Playing, communicating and interacting with your child is so very important and sets them up for life. Click on the link below for 10 reasons why from the National Literacy Trust.