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Understanding of the World

Understanding of the World


This learning harnesses children’s curiosity and helps them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the environment and other people and features of the natural and man-made world.  Children acquire the necessary skills such as careful looking and  exploring, asking questions and predicting, to investigate the world around them, using all of their senses and to understand what is happening and why. They are encouraged to investigate different objects and construct with different materials and use a range of ICT equipment such as computers, cameras and programmable toys to support their learning. They are also encouraged to think and talk about past events in their own lives and ask questions and discuss other places, cultures and beliefs to learn more about other people and places. 


Why it’s Important.

This learning is vital for helping children to learn about and make sense of the world around them. The development of skills, knowledge and understanding in the early years form the foundations for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography and information and communication technology.


What does it mean for the children...

  • Asking questions to find out about things that are happening around them and why.

  • Finding out about other places, other people and other cultures

  • Thinking and talking about their lives and things that have happened in their past.

  • Finding out about their local environment and the wider world around them.

  • Using their senses as well as learning new skills to investigate living things, objects, materials and 

  • Using computers and other everyday technology to support their learning.


What do we do...

  • Create an exciting and  stimulating environment with a wide range of activities that will encourage children’s curiosity  and interest.

  • Use the outdoors and the community to help children learn about the local area

  • Use parents, visits and visitors to extend children’s experiences of the world.

  • Support children to investigate and give them the correct words and terms to describe and make sense of what they are seeing.

  • Ask carefully structured questions and encourage children to start asking their own questions about the things that they do and see.

  • Provide a wide range of ICT (information and communication technology) equipment,  such as computers, cameras, music players etc and support children to use them as part of their learning.