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What is Eco Schools?

What is Eco Schools?

We encourage the children to be aware of their surroundings by caring for and being part of the outdoor environment.

We dig in our allotment; grow seed in the poly tunnel until it is time to transfer them into the soil. We water them using water from our water butts, which conserve water all year round, by catching the rain from the roof and then in the autumn, we harvest our fruit and vegetables to eat in nursery and recycle the waste in our compost heap.  In this way the children learn about growth and decay and the cycle of life.

This year we have planted over 60 saplings including a Royal Oak from the Sandringham Estate, to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

We try to pick up any litter in our nursery grounds as well as encouraging the recycling of paper, card, plastics and clothes both at nursery and with regular trips to the local re-cycling centre.

We are very proud of our nursery animals- our hens Arial, Cindy and Georgina and our guinea pigs Lilly and Cracker. The children really enjoy looking after them which helps them to learn about the importance of being kind to animals and what they need to keep them safe and well.


Our ECO code is:

'Don't be sluggish, bin your rubbish!'

Written by Teigan (aged 3) and her family.