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…for our children, the very best learning takes place when our parents and nursery work closely together.


At South Normanton Nursery School we endeavour to support our families in any way that we can. We have a vision that every child reaches their potential and aims high and the very best way to do this is by working closely together to support learning.


We know that children learn in lots of different ways and they are learning all the time…especially through play. Every conversation, experience, sight, sound or problem can be a valuable learning opportunity for your child so seize every moment to do, talk, think, question, explain, explore and experiment…and enjoy helping you child learn more about the world!


Below we have shared a number of useful resources which can be accessed at any time. These provide some great, fun ideas to help you to support your child’s learning. 

Learning Support: for if your child is not in Nursery


If your child is not attending nursery at any time due to self-isolating or in the event that nursery is closed, then we have provided additional activities to support you with their learning at home. Remember, your child is still young and they will learn better through play and practical activities.  

Although these activities were produced during lockdown, they are a great resources that can be used with your child at at any time 

Below are a copy of these tasks and links for you to access. 

Resource Links to Support Home Learning

There are a number of other great resources which are available to help you to support your child’s learning at home. Follow the links below to access  information and some really fantastic activities.


Please note that nursery is not responsible for the content of these sites/ document or any advertising.

Supporting Understanding of the World

Supporting Wellbeing and Emotional Literacy

Supporting Reading, Phonics and Early Literacy

Supporting Early Mathematics and Problem Solving

Busy Things...get busy at home too!

All children attending our nursery has home access to this fabulous resource which has over 30 different games and tasks, which are designed specifically for nursery.

They are really fun, very easy for children to independently access and they support learning across all areas of the Early Years curriculum using a tablet or computer.

Click on the icon below to access the site and use the ‘at home’ log in which was given to you by nursery.

So… get busy with Busy Things! We hope you have fun with your child and find accessing this resource useful to support their ongoing learning.


Fun with CBeebies!


CBeebies has some great resources for your child to enjoy at home.

Just click on the links below to go direct to stories, songs and more!