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Annual Governors' Statement

Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body

of South Normanton Nursery School



In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all Governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of South Normanton Nursery School Governing Body are:


  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Governance arrangements


The Governing body of South Normanton Nursery School was reconstituted in January 2015 and is now made up of:


1 LA appointed Governor

4 Parent Governors

1 Staff Governor

6 Co-opted Governors

Head teacher


The names, terms of office, committee membership and areas of responsibility of our Governors can be seen on our “Meet our Governors” page.


Our Governors have a range of skills and experience which contribute to effective governance and the success of the school. These include Governors with experience in Education, Finance and Business.


Attendance record of Governors


A record is kept by the Clerk to the Governing Body of Governors’ attendance at meetings and visits to school. The attendance record for September 2015 – July 2016 can be seen by following the link at the bottom of the “Meet our Governors“ page.


Meetings need to be ‘quorate’ to ensure that decisions can be made; this means that at least half of the members must attend.




The work we have done on our committees and in the Governing Body


The Governors have had a busy year focussing on school improvement priorities and ensuring that the impact of these result in standards raised, improved outcomes and good progress.

More specifically we have:

  • considered a new staffing structure
  • implemented shared leadership through the appointment of an Assistant Headteacher
  • given key leaders and Early Years Educators new responsibilities
  • reviewed phonics and literacy in nursery through learning walks
  • reviewed the impact of EYPP funding
  • evaluated the school improvement plan and set actions for 2016-2017
  • analysed the school data
  • reviewed parental feedback on the new online leaning journal
  • approved the collaboration with International Schools
  • strengthened community links
  • overseen the work the nursery has done through and with the Teaching Schools Alliance
  • following the new pilot ECERS audit, ensured that recommendations were implemented and appropriate resources purchased
  • prepared for the Ofsted inspection
  • attended workshops, activity days, concerts and open days
  • achieved value for money by procuring a cheaper broadband filtering service
  • purchased new ICT resources including a new server and a cloud back-up system
  • approved the purchase of outdoor resources linked to the school improvement plan (i.e. the mud kitchen)
  • approved and monitored the implementation of the new nursery website
  • agreed on a marketing strategy which has resulted in a rise in pupil numbers
  • re-constituted the Governing Body in line with new Government legislation
  • completed an audit of skills that each Governor has, including finance
  • recruited two new Governors who contributed to the effectiveness of the Governing Body
  • ensured a continual visible presence of Governors by introducing Governor pen portraits on the website
  • reviewed policies as per the yearly review cycle
  • prepared for new initiatives relating to funded sessions
  • internal audit confirmed the effectiveness of Governance.
  • the SEN Governor has liaised with the SENCO throughout the year to discuss the needs of the school in relation to this school group
  • Governors attended an SEN learning walk
  • the Health and Safety Governor completed a review of health and safety in the nursery
  • the Safeguarding Governor attended regular meetings with the Head teacher to review safeguarding
  • reviewed safeguarding and anti-bullying audits and action plans
  • monitored attendance through following up on first day of absence from nursery
  • reviewed an analysis of all accident records held
  • introduced an internal hazard reporting system
  • approved the refurbishment of the nursery path
  • attended training courses including health and safety induction; fire marshal; asbestos; paediatric first aid; finance; safeguarding; SENCO
  • the Chair regularly attended strategic Governor briefings


Strategic Planning for the future


The Governing body is looking forward to the new school year with actions in mind for 2016/2017

As part of the school improvement planning for 2016 -2017, Governors have planned to:

  • ensure that the recommendations from the October 2016 Ofsted inspection are implemented, monitored and reviewed
  • consider the review of policies and procedures to ensure that Governors know the purpose of these and can hold the Head teacher to account
  • make their meetings more effective
  • set up an induction training course in-house for new Governors
  • set up a working party to discuss raising funds
  • complete an external audit of the Governing Bodies work.
  • formalise a collaboration with cluster schools
  • consider and plan the financial implications of funding cuts threatening the future of the nursery
  • support the school in the application and gathering of evidence towards International Schools, Rights Respecting Schools award and Makaton Friendly Award
  • monitor and support in work to develop the promotion of mental health and emotional well-being of the whole school community and training of staff in the recognition and enhancement of mental health and wellbeing and links to child development
  • focus on Communication and Language looking at using expertise available within our school to train, update and implement provision and practice, support parents in their role as educators at home and ensure that specifically the outdoor environment lends itself to CAL rich provision
  • research and move towards setting up as a charity



How to contact your Governing Body


Information about the school’s Governing Body is available on the Governors’ page of the school’s website. Go to the ‘Home’ page, then use the ‘About us’ tab and navigate to the “Meet our Governors” pages.


The Chair of Governors may be contacted via the School Office.