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01/04/2021: Colour Monster helps us to talk about our emotions

Over the last couple of weeks we have been revisiting the story of The Colour Monster.

This is a great story that supports children to understand, think and talk about their feelings.

The monster’s colours are muddled because his feelings are all jumbled up. His friend helps him to untangle each emotion and discuss them along the way and this makes him feel much better and loved by his friend.

At nursery we discussed how each feeling made our body feel, when we felt each of the feelings and what we could do if we needed help to feel different. We also learned some new word to describe each feeling and talked about adults having these feelings as well as children.

We introduced a new display at nursery and picture card that the children can use to support them to communicate how they feel.

After such a difficult year children’s mental health and wellbeing is at the very top of our priorities and learning like this is vital to support children’s understanding and enable them to communicate their emotions.

You may like to talk to your child at home about the Colour Monster story to help them to express themselves or highlight when they or you are feeling a particular way to help them to understand feelings.

To help with this we have included a link below to the Colour Monster story as well as a Colour Monster song.


Please note that this link is to YouTube and nursery is not responsible for the content or any advertising.

As always, take all appropriate measures to keep children safe when using the internet.

The Colour Monster.mp4

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