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Term 5. Week 4. Some of our learning this week: 24/06/19

As it was Travelsmart or Walk to School week this week we talked about how we travelled to nursery and the benefits for ourselves and our planet of using vehicles less. One day as part of our math learning, we even made a special chart to reflect our journey and we discovered that ‘most’ people walked which is really good for our bodies as it keeps us healthy and good for our world as it means we are creating less pollution caused by cars. This is a very important part of our ECO learning helping us to understand how to care for our beautiful planet and encourage others to look after it too. We also created a special joint nursery task on Tapestry to document our children’s journeys to school and we are hoping that our children and families continue to walk to school whenever possible or change their habits to enable a little less car use and a little more exercise.


Linking with Walk to school week we have been learning more about road safety and the key things that we need to remember to keep us safe when we’re out and about to the community and especially if we are crossing a road. Our stories and discussions helped us to understand that they need to always HOLD HANDS and make sure that they STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. We reminded everyone to keep especially safe in the holidays.


We have also enjoyed some great stories from the library this week and talked about the benefits of borrowing books. As we’ve read our stories we have discussed aspects of the book and the characters, made predictions and discussed things that we agree and disagree about in the story to help us to learn about our right to an opinion and responsibility to value the ideas of others.


As it was another hot week, we continued our learning about sun safety...we all remembered to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SHADE, SLURP. It’s so important to protect your bodies in the hot weather and we reminded our children to remember these rules to keep sun safe over the holidays too.