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New Baby Chicks!

We are excited to announce that our new chicks were born yesterday (June 23rd)

Congratulations to Mummy Georgina who is doing a fantastic job of looking after her babies, ably supported by Arial and Cindy...the chicks aunties.

The two grey chick are Lavender Pekins and the black chick is a Black Pekin and they will eventually grow to about the same size as our other chicken.

There first food is called chick crumb which is very tiny pieces of grown up chicken food. The have this because their beaks are so small. Thy also drink water out of a special container filled with marbles so that the water is not too deep.

When Mummy Georgina feels that her babies need a little cuddle or she want to check that they are ok she makes a special clucking noise. Then the babies come rushing under her wings for a cuddle and some warmth.

The children have been thrilled and fascinated to see our new arrivals and have been talking about wheat they have seen and how they feel about the new chicks.

They have made some really lovely observations and comments…

“They are so little and that makes them sooo cute”

“Their beaks are so little”

“They’re really little and really fluffy”

Having chicks born at nursery helps the children to learn about new Life, life cycles and how mummy animals take care and feed their babies. It also helps them to use their kind hands when we hold and stroke them.