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12/03/2021: We didn't let the rain stop us, some great counting and celebrating the special women in our families.

What a wet week…but we haven’t let that stop us!

We’ve gone with the weather, put on our wellies and waterproofs and had lots of fun splashing in the puddles, learning about floating and sinking, capacity and water displacement! Listening to the different sounds that the water made and how to move through it quietly and loudly.

We looked at the rivers that the rain had created in the nursery garden and collected some of the drips outside from the canopy in buckets…when it was raining hard it was surprising how fast they filled up!


We read Ten Seeds in Maths this week and focussed on cardinality and counting, helping the children to understand quantity and count reliably saying one number name for each object. We started with ten seeds, but animals kept eating the seeds one at a time, so we had to keep taking one away and counting how many were left!


In our Tales Toolkit storytelling a worried yellow seahorse who lived in the desert with some prickly trees and flat mountains, had a problem with a wiggly snake who wanted to eat her...but luckily throwing pom poms at it helped! 


With International Women’s Day on Monday and Mother’s Day at the weekend we also read some stories about love and families, thinking and talking about the special women in our families and the all people who take care of us. The children created some beautiful cards and did some fantastic mark making to say thank you.