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22/11/19: Learning this week. World Nursery Rhyme Week, practising routines and rules to keep us safe and a very special Rights Respecting Promise.

It's been another great week at nursery.

It was World Nursery Rhyme week this week, so in phonics we have been learning and practising some new and some of our favourite nursery rhymes. We have been using actions and rhythms to help us as well. This is a really important part of our phonics learning as it helps us with our listening and attention and also to keep a steady beat and join in with singing as part of o group. All of these things help us as we prepare to be good readers. Bees have been fantastic they week…they are now experts at nursery rhymes and on Friday we recorded some of our rhymes to share with our grown ups and also to put on out website so they could be heard by people a around the world! how exciting!

Our reading Activity Day on Wednesday was fabulous and children not only experienced lots of books but also took part in many activities to encourage their listening and sound making, with their grown ups and special visitors. This is an important part of their phonics learning, which helps to develop their early reading.


During this week in nursery and outside, we have also been revisiting our routines and our 5 finger rules, to help us to be more independent, practising our self help skills and supporting our friends to be safe.


As the weather gets colder we had an interesting time in the garden investigating the frost and ice too, describing how it looked and felt and working out how and when it would melt.


On 20th November it was a very special day…UNICEF World Children's Day. We did some important learning on Thursday about the children’s rights; the rights of every child.
We talked about what our rights are and that every child in the world has the same rights. We talked about how we enjoy them in nursery and that the grown ups (our parents and the staff at nursery) help us to enjoy our rights for example keeping us safe, helping us to learn and supporting us to play
The children put up some new posters in nursery and the garden with symbols on that show all of our rights, we also sang a new song and made a very special fist print promise to do good playing, good learning and be safe at nursery. We’re going to put these on our Rights Respecting display as leaves on trees to remind us about our rights as a child and our commitment as a Rights Respecting School.

Remember to check out the website for our Nursery Rhyme singing and if you're in nursery, keep checking to see our rights respecting promise leaves going up on the board in the nursery cloakroom.