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Wear a Christmas Jumper to nursery Day...Christmas Cheer with Jazzy Jumpers and Festive Knits! 12/12/14

On Friday we had a fantastic time celebrating the Christmas season by wearing our favourite Christmas jumpers to nursery.

The nursery was filled with Christmas cheer with children, staff and parents alike, wearing jazzy jumpers and festive knits.

What a wonderful sight to see snowmen and reindeer, Christmas puddings and  Father Christmas, snowflakes and sparkles, angels and robins, just to mention a few!

This day helped to raise the children's awareness of winter and the Christmas season and the associated celebrations which many people take part in.

All over the country other people were also wearing their Christmas jumpers throughout the day, some as part of a fundrising event for Save the Children and others just for fun.

Thank you to everyone for joining in with this fun event!

Have a look at the photos that we took...see if you can see your jumper or maybe choose the one which you  like the best!