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Flipping Good Fun on Pancake Day/ Shrove Tuesday: 28/02/17

We had a 'flipping' good time at nursery learning about Pancake Day.

We talked to the children about Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday and how marked the beginning of lent  where Christian people eat up all the 'nice' food in the house before the run up to the festival of Easter.


We had a go at making pancakes in nursery. We had to work out how to put all the ingredients together properly to make the batter. We had a go at tossing them (which was quite tricky)  and we put them on a plate and ate them with orange juice and sugar. Yum! We talked about how they tasted, using some descriptive words like 'sweet', 'yummy' and 'lovely' and introduced some new words like 'tangy' and 'sharp' We also used pancakes shaped to thread in the long room and practiced tossing pretend pancakes in a frying pan too.


Some of our children learnt a special Pancake Day song:

(to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)


Make a pancake in a pan,,

Flip it over if you can.

Once you have stirred the batter

Add some lemon juice and some sugar

Make a pancake in a pan                                                                                                         

Flip it over if you can.


We asked the children to share their experiences of Pancake Day at home, by putting some pictures on Tapestry and had some really lovely responses. It was great to see pictures and videos of your pancake making at home and hear about all the new toppings that you tried...yum!