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Learning and Celebration: International Peace Day: 21/09/17

On Thursday we celebrated and learnt about and very special day in the international calendar.

At The beginning of our nursery session we talked to the children about International Peace Day. We asked the children to give us their ideas about what they thought the word peace or peaceful meant… it's a tricky word and we helped them to understand by explaining that peace is when people are being friendly and not falling out with each other. We discussed how Article 38 of the UN Charter on the Rights of a Child teaches us about a child's right to be protected and free from 'war' and that this is when whole countries fall out with each other. The children agreed that this would be horrible. We also discussed our SNNS Charter in which we promise to be responsible and  to take care of our world and each other.  

We talked about being friends in nursery and all shook hands with each other and we sang our “All Friends Together” song and practised our sign for friends. Using pictures and photographs to help us we thought about people being friendly and kind to each other in our local community of South Normanton, in Derbyshire, in Great Britain and then all around the world. As we left group time to choose in nursery, the children shook hands with one of the ladies and received a special sticker. It had a picture of friends holding hands all around the world, to remind us about our learning about International Peace Day.

Even our Super Squirrels celebrated International Peace Day with special stickers as they finished their play and learn session with their grown was lovely that everyone could get involved.

At the end of the session we read special stories to continue our learning about Peace. One World Together and The Happy Book. The children enjoyed the stories and continued their discussions about International Peace Day.


This learning is an important part of our PSED curriculum, but also links directly into our learning  about British Values and our Rights Respecting Schools pledge.