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16/10/2020: A democratic vote to choose our group names!

Half term fast is approaching and our children settling in really well. We’re all friends together at nursery, accessing the nursery and garden together throughout the session with our fantastic staff supporting the learning of all children. However, as you know for coming into and leaving nursery and for the monitoring or our children’s progress we are organised into key worker groups and over the last few weeks we decided that to support our children’s sense of belonging in these groups and in nursery, we would give each group an identity!


As a rights respecting school, it is especially important for our children understand their right to identity both personal and as part of a group. (UNCRC Article 8)


Staff came up with a selection of group names and then we asked the parents to have a democratic vote to help us to choose which names they preferred. Finally it was down to the children to have the final deciding democratic vote…choosing if they wanted to be Fox Group or Badger Group!


We talked about the different animals to help to inform their decision and each child chose by placing the animal sticker of their choice…now we are just waiting for the final vote count before we announce the results next week. How exciting and what a fab way to learning about democracy!