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Fudraising for Children in Need and Learning about the Rights of Every Child: 16/11/18

We had a great time in nursery today with special activities to support our learning about Children in Need and raise money for the charity day.


We started the day with lots of pictures, discussion and about 'Children in Need' or 'Pudsey Day' We talked about every child’s right to have their needs met explaining to the children that this meant a safe place to live, warm clothes, healthy food and water to drink for example. We talked about how not every child in the world had all these things and that the money we raised today by wearing our own special clothes to nursery would help supports children who are less fortunate than us, helping them to have a happier and better life.


The children and their parents brought in a donation and wore their own special clothes instead of school uniform. Lots of children also wore special T shirts and Pudsey or Blush ears. Many thanks for your donations... all the money raised will go to the BBC 'Children in Need' fund.


During the day we did lots of spotty activities we made Pudsey hats and even had a hunt for Pudsey in the garden!



As a Rights Respecting School we use today’s activities and discussions to help our children to learn about the rights of every child and understand that some children are less fortunate than others, do not have their needs met and need some help. It highlights to our children the importance of giving, helping others and being kind to other people which is a valuable part of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) and our British Values curriculum.