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Wildlife Workshop: May 2013

Children had a fantastic time meeting a variety of different animals in a safe and supported environment. 

The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed athe workshop. They were encouraged to carefully touch the animals, if they wanted to and taught how to do this gently and safely.

We learnt about a vairety of different animals and where they came from and talked about how they looked and felt.

Brendan brought lots of different animals, all of which are his much loved family pets

They inculded the following:


Romeo & Juliet -  Bearded dragons

Gretel - Giant Lop Eared Rabbit

Cornflake & Popcorn - Corn Snakes

Blaster & Darwin - Guinea Pigs

Bill & Ben - Giant African Snails

Scarlet - Tarantula

Coach and Roach - Hissing Cockroaches