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20/09/19: This weeks learning. Our right to our identity, keeping safe in nursery and digging out some tyres!

Wow what busy  week we've had!

• This week we’ve been doing lots of learning about our right to our identity, talking about how important our name is and celebrating that we belong to Bumble Bee or Ladybird group. We looked at ourselves and other children and talked about how we looked, noticing we are all different but all very special.
• We all had out picture taken and placed it on the Bee or Ladybird board and we also created a special collage to so how our place as bee group members but also as members of South Normanton Nursery School. We sung our identity songs too which also helped us to exercise our bodies.
• We know it’s important to warm up and get ready for learning so we also danced with dough and scarves making shapes and patterns to help us with our learning and particularly our mark making.
• As we have so many new friends and there have been a lot of changes in nursery, we did lots of learning about the routines at nursery like how to put our wellies on and how to use the snack table properly and how our nursery rights respecting rules to keep us safe…we even sang a new tidy song. We started to learn special signs and looked at symbols to help to reinforce this…and the children are getting really good at using these independently.
• We read and were starting to join in with familiar stories…this week we read Bear Hunt.
• At nursery we love singing! This week we met beat baby who helped us to keep a beat and sing some new songs.
• In big nursery and in the garden along with learning about how our rules and routines to keep us safe because it’s our right to be safe. We’ve also made some changes in the garden too! We dug out two of our tyres. The children worked brilliantly as a team and then learned how to safely climb on those tyres that were left and access risk to keep themselves and others safe.
* On Friday as it was UN International World Peace Day, we focussed on being really kind and friendly to everyone at nursery. We had special stickers to say well done when we did something friendly and kind and we listened to a song called Imagine by John Lennon, talking about the fact that he was a man who really wanted peace and kindness all around the world.
Oh my word…what a busy week.