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Changes at nursery.

Over the summer there have been lots of changes at nursery and things look a little bit different now.


Building Work and Changes in Nursery

Our building work is now complete. We now have two new children's toilets and new cloakrooms for the children to hang their coats and bags. The door into nursery has moved and our mark making area and cozy reading area has changed a little too.

Look out for the snack bags and letters which are now in the corridoor on the way into nursery. (Snack is still £1.00 per week please and can be posted in the named envelopes into the post box)

The dinner money washing line had also moved and is now situated under the parents notice whiteboard in the main nursery.

Children's pegs are in the new cloakroom. Some children have new pictures, so remember to check the list above the coat pegs to see what your child's picture is.


The Garden Has Been Growing

Over the summer break the plants in the garden have really grown.

Our wild flowers are beautiful, our sunflowers are massive and there are lots of fruit and vegetables in the orchard and the vegetable garden. We will soon be harvesting these with the children to either take home or make tasty snacks to eat in nursery. 


The Chickens Have Returned

Our chickens have had a lovely holiday at Amanda's house and now they are back in the nursery garden. The children will be helping us to look after them and feed them now that they are back. Hopefully they will lay lots of eggs too which the children can collect with us and take home to eat.