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This Week's Really Important Learning 13/10/17

The Underwear Rule



This week as part of our curriculum on safety and safeguarding, we have been doing some very important learning at nursery about our bodies and especially PANTS. We have been talking with the children about their bodies, reminding them that their bodies belong to them and that some parts of their bodies are private which is why they are covered up by their pants. We shared different stories about pants to help us to talk about them and ask some questions and also shared the child friendly song from the NSPCC called Pantosaurus, which supported the children's learning at an appropriate level and made the information a little more accessible.

We will continue to revisit this throughout the year as is a very important aspect

of learning the children's Personal, social and emotional development helping them to learn about themselves, their bodies and their feelings and giving them an understanding which keeps them safe both now and as they get older.

 For more information and also to share the Pantosaurus song again with your child,

please click on the picture or the link below.


Please note that this information comes directly from the NSPCC and nursery is not responsible for the content of this site or any advertising.




Our 5 Finger Right Respecting Rules!

Also this week as an element of our Respecting Rights and learning about British values we have been thinking about our rules at nursery and why they are important. We looked at and discussed our indoor and outdoor rules and using the pictures to help us we talked about what we have to remember and why these rules are so important. This learning helps our children to begin to understand the importance of rules for different places and in society as well. Some or our older children also supported the newest members of nursery to remember the rules too and we used special stickers to say well done for remembering the SNNS 5 finger rules during the sessions. 

To extend your children's learning you could also talk to them about your rules at home or in other places that you visit, why you have them and why they are so important. 

Not all bins are the same!

At nursery this week, as part of our ECO curriculum we have been learning about Clean Up The World Week. We have been re-labelling our bins and learning that not all bins are the same! By labelling them it helped to remind us which bins were for which litter.  We looked at the different labels and talked about the importance of putting litter in the rubbish bin or the recycling or compost bin or the nose blowing bin. Each bin is different and it is very important that we put the right rubbish in the correct bin. The children told us that Rocky from Paw Patrol did some as a result of this he is now helping to remind us at nursery about re-cycling.
The children helped to work out which bin to put things in and also sang a special litter song to help them to remember. We discussed how putting your litter in the bin was very important, not only at nursery but also at home and in the community and so it was important to know where the bins were in the local area.

Lots of children made links by talking about their different bins at home and in the community. You can help your child to extend their learning at home and reinforce the importance of putting our litter in the bin to help the environment, by looking for the rubbish, re-cycling and compost bins and your home and in the community.