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24/01/20: Liketobe scientist friends taking flags to Antarctica, Martin Luther King Jnr fighting for rights, patterns, sequencing and algorithms.

There’s been lots happening at nursery this week. As our new children have continued to settle well we have had fun playing and enjoyed lots of new learning. 

Our maths focus this week has been patterns and sequencing. We have looked at and listened to different sorts of patterns including repeating pictures and sounds and made up our own too which we notated to remember them. We looked at the sequences of our routines at nursery too which we called our nursery algorithm...a sequence of steps recorded in symbols, which we follow everyday.
We used words like before, after and in the middle to talk about our patterns and sequences of events. 

At the end of session we have been learning about Antarctica and how we have made some new scientist friends form Liketobe who have taken our nursery flag to the South Sandwich Islands to study climate change and learn about the environment and wildlife there. We now know where Antarctica is and what animals live there. We’re going to ask them some questions to find out more about what they’re doing. 

We’ve also learned about Martin Luther King Jnr. who’s birthday it was on Tuesday. We looked at pictures and videos of him and listened to a famous speech that he made and the children talked about what they saw and how it made them feel. We learned that he was a hero as he inspired and helped people to fight for their rights and linked this to the learning that we do about our rights at nursery. 


Other learning this week has included dancing to some new music...we have some fabulous dancers at nursery!..making flags by creating patterns and joining our craft materials in different ways and making feeders to help the birds during the winter months. We have read and made up stories about Antarctic animals and even talked about poo and how every animal poos!