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Safer Internet Day: 09/02/16

At nursery we celebrated Safer Internet Day 2016 by dressing up as Esafe superheros!

Safer Internet Day or SID is organised each year by Insafe, to promoter the safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile devices, especially among young children, across the world.

safer internet


It is vital in the modern world in which we live that children have a good understanding of how to keep safe when using the internet on computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. At nursery our filtration system ensures very safe online access but at home and other places outside of nursery this is not always the case so it is vitally important that our children are well informed of how to keep themselves safe. At nursery we constantly model and reinforce to the children, the importance of asking for help if they encounter something on the internet that they don’t understand.

We read a special story about Smartie the Penguin  (which we revisit regularly) to help the children to remember  not press any buttons or follow links that they don’t understand and  have learnt a special song  to reinforce this. It reminds them to  ‘think before you click’ and ‘tell a grown up’ if you are unsure.

Our headteacher Stephanie also provided a workshop for parents and carers to help to educate them about the importance of safety and how to educate their children and keep them safe when using the internet.


Fore more information on E safety, follow the link below to our safety page which has lots more useful information and links which may be of use to you.  

Our  E safety Page