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Celebrating Our OUTSTANDING OFSTED Achievement: 25.11.16

What an exciting day we have had at nursery today.


At the beginning of the week we were able to announce that we have just been awarded our 4th OUTSTANDING grading, so today we have had a party at nursery to celebrate this fantastic achievement!

The theme of the day was superheros and being special because when Ofsted came to visit us they thought that the children were super learners and the staff were super teachers too.

The children came to nursery today wearing ‘special’ clothes. They could choose to come dressed as their favourite superhero or wear special party clothes and this reminded us how special we all are and that we are all super learners.


During the day we did lots of exciting activities including painting with balloons, making celebration cakes in the dough and at the snack table we made savoury panda faces because….durng our session we had a very special visit from Kung Fu Panda!’

It was so exciting to have a visit from a real superhero and the children enjoyed showing him around and involving him in their play. He even joined us in some dancing when we were playing musical statues. Thank you to Kung Fu Panda for making time to visit us…we understand how busy superheros are.

Kung Fu Panda is very special because although he and his friends don’t really look like superheroes, they remind us that to make something special you just have to believe in special!’ …and we believe that we are all special!


During the day we also had some other very special visitors. The previous headteacher Angela Colmar came to see us and was really excited about our outstanding grading. She enjoyed seeing everybody and looking at how the nursery had continued to grow and change. We also had a visit from Saranjit Shetra who is the Assistant Director of Childrens Services, Schools and learning. She congratulated us on our achievement and really enjoyed looking around our fantastic nursery. A special photographer came to nursery as well. He took a photo of us to put in the paper to show everybody that we are reaaly proud of being outstanding learners and teachers…we can't wait to see it when the paper is published!


Before we went home all the children had a special sticker to tell everyone that they go to an outstanding nursery and we had a party bag to help us to continue our celebrations.


Thanks to everone who made the day really special. It was a lovely way to celebrate our achievement and we all feel special and proud to be superheros, super learners and super teachers!.


At the end of each session we sang our special nursery celebration song. Click on the link below to hear our wonderful singing.


Nursery Celebration Song