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LOOK at all the fun we've had learning in our opticians role play area: 13/05/16

We were so excited that our opticians in the role play are in nursery opened this week.

We had a democratic vote a few weeks ago to decide what we wanted our role play area to change into and we decided that we'd like it to be an opticians.

This week our opticians opened so that we could start our fantastic plying and learning.

In the opticians there were lots of different props for us to learn with from glasses contact lenses, cases, (all of which had been made safe for us to play with ) brochures, a reception area, a desk and pens for booking appointments and of course costumes and equipment to test our eyes. there were also lots of mirrors so that we could see how we looked in the glasses that we had chosen and lots of pictures and books about  people who wear glasses to remind us that all sort of different people can need a bit of extra help with their sight.  

We were very lucky on Friday to have one of our parent helpers to help us in our opticians... Adeoluwa's Mummy, Mrs Adegoke had a really lovely time helping with the children's learning.


Opening the opticians has provided a fantastic learning experience for our children. We have practiced our mark making in the reception area, learnt about different people who need help to see properly and found out about how the optician helps them. This helps to reinforce the children's sense of identity and understand how people are different and special.  We have asked questions and done some fantastic speaking and listening to discuss what was happening in the opticians and really enjoyed dressing up to take on the role of the optician or manager as well as choosing glasses we would like to wear and talking about how we look.

In  few weeks time our giraffe group are going to walk to the local opticians to do some more learning and share what the find out with everyone else back at nursery.